In the year 2003 the Lord blessed us to be able to get food from one of our local Food Lion Stores.  In the month of December 2003, our Pastor, Bishop Quincy Gardner, decided that the church would provide what was then called Christmas Food boxes to the Mothers and Deacons of the church.  

As the Lord blessed us to get more and more food not only from the Food Lion Store but from other venders,we decided to increase the distribution of the food boxes to the other members of the church and to other people in the community and surrounding areas.  It was such a success that we decided to continue serving the people.  By the year 2008 we were feeding over one hundred (100) families which included not only the elderly but those that had all types of hardships during these difficult economical crises we are facing today.   

In July 2009 we decided to form The Community Outreach Foundation under the leadership of our Pastor and advisor, Bishop Quincy Gardner, Jr. Bishop Gardner also came up with the name Community Outreach Foundation we wanted to reach out and make a different in  our communities and surrounding areas.

In August 2009 the Community Outreach Foundation was established with the North Carolina Secretary of State providing it with the Article of Incorporation as a non-profit organization.  The foundation is structured with By-Laws that must be followed by those in leadership positions and those who volunteer their time to assist in this program.

The Foundation has grown tremendously over the years another Food Lion store has been added and we are not only serving families in Wayne County, but Lenoir, Greene, Pitt, Duplin, Sampson and Durham counties.  Not only do we provide food for these families but we sometime have clothing, hair products, toiletry items and many other items to give.  These items are all new, some were purchased by our director Bishop Gardner and some items were donated by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Braxton of Snow Hill, North Carolina.

In 2010 The Community Outreach Foundation became partners with the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina located in Raleigh, N.C.  Upon request from the Foundation, the food bank sends a truck load of food items to the church for distribution.

We are happy to say that the Community Outreach Foundation with the help of the Lord have provided and distributed food to hundreds of families and thousands of people over the pass thirteen years.  I know by seeing each of you here today and seeing the smiles on your faces every time we meet here and the support you have offered us I know that we have and can continue to make a different in our communities. May God continue to bless and keep each of you.